Taking pictures is a favorite hobby of mine and I particularly enjoy doing so with my iPhone. The practicality of always having a camera with me, a suite of image editing apps and a means to publish them immediately is intoxicating. For capturing, my go-to apps are the default Camera app, which handles the majority of use cases, and CortexCam, which can produce virtually noise-free images in a variety of lighting conditions. For editing, I rely heavily on VSCOCam, which is arguably my favorite iOS app. The photos below are the most recent from Instagram, but I also publish to my VSCO Grid, so follow along if you're into that sort of thing.

The moments in Mikayla's life where we see how her life has been forever changed are not lost on us. I look forward to many many more. #x100t

In 2005 on our first trip to NYC my wife and I saw the playgrounds in Central Park and imagined what it would be like to bring our future kids to play at them. This last weekend we had the opportunity to do so and we all loved every minute of it. #x100t

Yesterday we saw @thewiggles live in concert in Westbury, NY. All three of my kids loved them growing up but she's currently their biggest fan. I think her shirt sums it up. 🙂� #x100t

Last Friday we stood before a judge and welcomed Mikayla as a permanent member of our family. We cared for her since she was 3 months old and she just turned 2 last month. It's been a long road but we are beyond thrilled to now be a family of five! #x100T

Post-op photo. Still walking around like an MMA sparrer for about a week but pain is minimal and I'm MUCH better than I was this time last week. Thankful to be on this side of the surgery now. #x100t

Taking in every moment I can, like watching my 5yr old Noah graduate from pre-school and soon head to Elementary School with his big brother. Being the Dad to these two boys is one of the best things to ever be bestowed upon me.

Decent amount of rest time going on this week. Can't thank my wife enough for holding down the fort while I'm healing up. #x100t

The esports area of Dreamhack was fun to witness. Wish I had taken a photo during one of the big matches, the crowd was intense! #x100t #dhatx16

Just grabbing quick shots with the #x100t to learn it's capabilities. Really enjoying this camera. It has the right degree of control, feels great to hold, IQ is excellent and the Wifi feature is super handy!

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