Post Surgery

Yesterday’s surgery is over. It all went well and my recovery so far has been fine. The doctor says he is very pleased with the procedure and thinks I’ll heal up well. I struggled with some initial nausea due to the anesthesia but that seems to be behind me now. Pain is manageable. Most annoying part is having to breathe through my mouth.

The whole hospital experience was a bit surreal. I wasn’t necessarily nervous, it was just the newness of everything and the waiting. While I know I was conscious I don’t remember going into the OR because at that point they were already giving me doses of meds to help me relax. Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room. I’m happy to not remember anything more than that.

I have a follow-up with the Doctor on Monday which is when I’ll have my splints and bandages removed. I’ll mostly be resting until then and trying not to scare the kids too much.

Thank you for the prayers and kind words. It feels great to be on the other side of this thing now and your support has been fantastic!