Her Forever Family

It’s been 20 months. 20 months of raising her from an infant to almost two years old. 20 months of nurturing, meeting needs, laughing and being silly, holding her when she cries. 20 months of uncertainty as to what her futures hold. If you’ve read my other two posts about fostering then you know this road has been an incredible journey of new depths of love, joy, questions and sacrificing. We’ve done so gladly.

Mikayla at 2 years old
Mikayla at 2 years old

So it is with great joy that I share we’ve reached the end of this journey. By the end of June, after her second birthday, we will adopt little girl and welcome her into our family permanently!

I struggle to put into words how I feel. Obviously I’m ecstatic! We all are. Our boys say “Sister! You don’t have to leave, you get to stay with us forever!” To know the bond they’ve developed will continue warms my heart beyond measure. To continue to meet her needs is a pleasure. We get to watch her grow up. I look forward to sharing the story of this journey with her, of God’s great love for her, of how precious she is.

This just feels so surreal. I have more work to do to unpack my thoughts and I have more to share regarding fostering. While we will move into an adoptive role as a family, I know we will continue to serve the foster community locally. I look forward to figuring that out.

I’m looking at her watch Daniel Tiger on TV while I type this at the breakfast table. She’s happy. She’s safe. After being born into a world of unknowns she now, finally, has a defined future. I love you baby girl and I always will.