Everything Old is New Again

I’ve teased a re-release of my personal site and blog for an embarrassingly long time. Over that period I’ve had probably 10-12 failed attempts which sit half-finished and archived on my laptop. The desire never faded though and in light of other internet friends returning to personal blogs I resolved to stop teasing, allow you and I to reach home plate, and publish an update of my own. 😘

Nostalgia rains heavy on me. I’ve been doing this internet thing for awhile now to where reflecting back on early years of my web career (internet years which are like dog years) feels like another lifetime. I, like many others, found a lot of my online community through blogging. I used Google Reader daily. It was a thrill seeing new RSS links show up. I loved sharing inspiration and thoughts from my perspective. I still do, but along the way I lost my unique and personally crafted vessel. I gave it up for the allure of Twitter and other social networks.

When Joshua Blankenship relaunched his blog earlier this year I found myself nodding along with what he wrote about his return. This line stood out to me in particular:

I don’t know much, but…I know I miss 2004 web, personal websites, and curation that has nothing to do with algorithms. And maybe you do, too.

That is exactly what I miss. It’s one of the main reasons why I still visit Daring Fireball and Kottke after so many years. I know going there I will get great curated content with an individual’s perspective. This is what I aim to provide with my site.

There is functionality to add (archiving, tags, RSS feed, etc) and content to create for my Work and About pages, so hang with me while I continue to build this thing out. And please hit me up on Twitter if you see anything out of the ordinary.