The Collective Podcast

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for years. I listen to shows centered on technology, film, interviews, and design (to name a few) and one of my favorite creative-centric podcasts is The Collective Podcast by the multi-talented Ash Thorp. Ash hosts discussions with a wide range of designers, illustrators, film-makers, visual effects artists, writers, painters, programmers, etc. What I enjoy most is when Ash and his guest(s) discuss their processes. Ash loves to dig into what drives people to create, where they find inspiration, how they develop their unique voice, the struggles that come with the never-ending drumbeat of software innovation and pressures of living in a social-media heavy world, and so on. No matter who he speaks with I often find solace in hearing other creatives struggling with the same things I do and I regularly end an episode inspired to continue to create and not just consume.

One episode I recently finished and particularly resonated with me is the one he did with Victor Bonafonte, CEO and Art Director at Beauty and the Bit based in Spain. It’s a prime example of the rich discussions Ash has with his guests and if you’re like me will leave you wanting more. You can listen to this episode here:

Earlier this year Victor released a short he art directed called “Rebirth”, which was produced by Quixel and showcases their products (particularly their Megascans library) in a beautifully realized world powered by Unreal Engine. It’s a jaw-dropping short. As a side note, Quixel was recently acquired by Epic and Unreal which is going to give more artists access to this level of realism, opening doors to a slew of new possibilities in their projects. I’m excited to see what comes from this.