I am a digital designer living in Austin, TX currently serving as the Design Lead at PCPartPicker.


Recently I was the VP of Design at SpaceCraft and prior to that I served as Creative Director of a studio I co-founded in 2011 called Element. In early 2011 I released Method & Craft, a site devoted to sharing the techniques and practices of design professionals. I have been designing professionally since 2000.

I'm heads-down on a lot of new work for PCPartPicker. I'm also working on getting my portfolio back online, which will be added soon to this site.

Pushing pixels and solving design problems is only a part of who I am. I also spend as much time as I can with my wife and two boys, who motivate me to be my best.

You can also find me online on Twitter, Instagram, VSCO, Dribbble, Pinterest, and Rdio. If you'd like to get in touch then feel free to email me or reach out on Twitter.

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